Simple Christmas Tree DIY For Kids

As Christmas approaches, some do-it-yourself projects are in order. Christmas is exciting for children because it is full of gifts, trees, Santa Claus, gnomes, Christmas tree decorations, baking cake, pastry, and so on. 3D Paper Christmas tree craft for kids step by step:

1. Assemble your materials
  • Green construction paper(any color)
  • scissors(kids should use under the supervision of parents)
  • A marker
  • Clear tape
  • Decorations for your tree(glitters, stickers, ribbon-colored paper, etc)
  • Craft glue(to fix the decorations)
  • A hot glue gun(to fix the topper)(optional).
2. Cut two identical tree shapes out of construction paper.

3. Cut slits in the tree shapes for joining them together.

4. Join the two shapes and form the tree.

Have fun decorating your tree.

A simple activity blog by Children's Park North, Daycare and Preschool in Rockwall, Texas, USA


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