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Parents And Social Media

  In today's digital world, social media is an integral part of everyone's life, including parents. Parents enjoy telling stories about their children and their priceless moments (like birthday images, videos, etc.). Such posts are common, and according to a UCF ( University of Central Florida ) article, "study finds that parents who frequently share photos of their children on social media tend to have more permissive and confident parenting styles and engage their children with social media at younger ages." When it comes to parents and social media, there are two major points we want to address. Sharenting This is the term that is commonly used for sharing children’s videos and images on social media by their parents. Some people consider this normal, on the other hand, they are creating their child’s footprint on the internet which leads to violating the child’s privacy. According to research, around 34% of kids in the US started making their digital footprints du

Raising Children Without Technology

  Living with technology has become an essential part of our lives, and many of us today can't imagine our lives without it. We're so used to it that we don't even try to manage it. It is the same with our children, and they enjoy using it as well. So, why is it necessary to raise your children without the use of technology? Here we will discuss some critical points that will easily justify my concern. Brain Development: A child is born with over 100 billion brain cells, and these cells form trillions of connections during their early childhood. These connections may be harmed if technology is overused. As a result, the intelligence of the child is directly affected. Affecting Learning:   Technology allows children to consume more educational content in less time, but it retains less time in their brain; on the other hand, the pen and paper method is slow but effective. Health Issues:   Excess use of technology devices like (PCs, mobiles, tablets etc) affects their eyes, ea