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Saudi Arabia Facts For Kids

1. Saudi Arabia is the biggest nation in the Middle East.  2. The nation is the biggest maker of oil on the planet.  3. Saudi Arabia has Mecca and Medina the two holiest cities in the religion of Islam.  4. Its capital is Riyadh.  5. Arabic is the official language here.  6. Most of the part of Saudi Arabia is desert and semi-desert.  7. Saudi Arabia is the second biggest state in the Arab world after Algeria. 8. The Saudi riyal is the currency of Saudi Arabia. It is abbreviated as SAR (Saudi Arabian Riyal). 9. Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the world without a natural river. Saudi Arabia has little rainfall and very hot summers 10. Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Yemen are Saudi Arabia's neighbor countries. Children's Park North Daycare Rockwall, Texas Enable Ginger Cannot connect to Ginger Check your internet connection or reload the browser Disable in this text field Edit Edit in Ginger

10 Facts About United Kingdom

1. United Kingdom is a European territory that includes four countries England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. 2. England is the most populated country in the United Kingdom. England is bordered by Wales to the west and Scotland to the north. 3. Great Britain consists of England, Wales, and Scotland. 4. UK is located on two vast islands in the Atlantic Ocean.  5. The only land border to a non-UK country is Ireland. 6. Northern Ireland is the smallest country of UK. 7. More than 80% of the UK population lives in urban areas the rest of the population lives in rural areas.  8. In the 19th century, the United Kingdom became the most powerful nation in the world. It is still one of the strongest economies on Earth. 9. William Shakespeare is one of the most notable English writers who wrote masterpieces such as Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, and Hamlet. 10. Football (soccer), cricket, and rugby are the most popular sport in England. Children's Park North Dayc