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5 Safety Rules For Children

  Parents are always concerned about their child’s safety but it's not possible for parents to always be available with their children. In such cases setting up and teaching some basic and important safety rules are good for children. Following such rules children can tackle some worst conditions. Avoid Strangers One of the basic safety rules that must be followed by every child. Things like  don’t talk with strangers,  don’t take things from strangers,  don’t go anywhere with strangers,  don’t trust strangers, etc. All these things come under the “avoiding strangers” safety rule. Good Touch and Bad Touch Parents should teach their children about “Good & Bad Touch”. A child should know about their body, and should not allow anyone to touch them if not feeling comfortable. They can clearly say no to small things like hugs and kisses on the forehead also.  Name, Address, and Phone Number Every child should learn these Names (their own, parent's name, school’s name, and city n

Best Sports To Learn In Early Childhood

  Children are great learners, they give their best while trying to do or learn something. Parents should try to indulge their kids in sports, as it helps to make children fit and fine. Once a child is attracted to any sport then in most cases they play that sport for a lifetime. Due to sports children make a special place for themselves in schools, colleges, and in the country as well. Here we are going to share a list of sports that you can try to find your child’s interest in. Swimming One of the best life-saving sports. According to AAP children can safely take swim lessons as early as age 1. This sport helps to improve the overall health of children and also carries benefits like reducing the aging process, good for asthma, burning more calories, etc. Basketball It is a great workout sport for your child that helps in developing concentration and self-confidence. Children can start learning basketball as early as 4. Once children get into it they become inspired by players like Mi