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Tips For Effective Parenting

Kids are innocent. Instead of conferencing their problems. They display some unusual behavior. In many cases, kids do not know if, they need help.  Every kid is different  At times, comparison generates inferiority complex in kids. Comparision is good as long as we as a parent keep it to ourselves. It is difficult to analyze things without comparison. If your kid is not taking interest in studies or sports. We need to find out the ways on how to develop an interest. Help Them To Take Right Decision Research-based study says there are very few lucky parents whose children know what they want to achieve in the future. They are instinctive and take the right decision. Instinct can never be wrong.  It is the parents' duty that the children should not change their minds. As it is found that after taking the right decision they do not continue to take interest under the influence of others. Our children should never compromise their core values. Never Underestimate the ki

The Endocrine System In Our Body

The endocrine system is made by so many glands in the body. All the endocrine glands secrete hormones. Hormones are the chemicals that gland cells produce. The hormones travel through blood into the different parts of the body. These hormones are responsible for the growth and regulation of our body.  There are different types of glands in the human body. Some glands are found only in men while some glands are found only in the female. Here is the list of glands and their brief introduction.  Pineal Gland The pineal gland is a small size, endocrine gland present in the cerebrum. It delivers and secretes the hormone melatonin, which is a hormone that controls natural regular repeated patterns of the body, for example, sleeping and waking up. Pituitary gland The pituitary gland is the master gland of all the endocrine glands found in the brain of the human body. Although it is a small pea-shaped in size it gives instructions all the glands when and how much secretion of horm