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Skeleton Bones Information for Kids

Dear kids, you must have experienced a spooky bony skeleton chasing you to scare you during Halloween. But you might not have realized what a skeleton is. The skeleton is what we all have beneath our skin. A skeleton comprised of numerous bones. The bones give your body the shape, let you move from multiple directions, secure your inward organs, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. The grown-up human body has 206 bones. What Are Bones Made Of? The external surface of a bone is known as Periosteum. It's a slender layer that contains nerves and veins that support the bone in nourishment. The following layer is comprised of conservative bone. This part is smooth and hard. This part of the bone is visible when you see a skeleton. A thick jelly material found in bones, called bone marrow, which makes blood cells in the body. How Do Bones Grow? In a newborn baby, you get to see every part of the body, tiny when the baby begins to grow every part of the body

What are Glasses and Contact Lenses for Eyes?

You know different people have different types of eyes. The eyes can be differentiated in colors and shapes.  The working on all the eyes is the same. But in quite-a- few, people , the parts of the eye could not work properly. The use of contact lenses can rectify the problem of visualizing things. How Eyes Work? You would be amazed to know how our eyes work. Its working can only be understood if you understand its complexity. Our eyes are made of so many parts. You must know the functioning of a few of them.  1 . Cornea : The front part of the eye is called Cornea. The cornea helps in reflecting the light. 2 . Pupil : Light enters the eyes via hole. The hole is seen in the form of a black spot in the center of the eye. The hole is known as Pupil. The size of a pupil can automatically be adjusted. It depends on the amount of light that enters the eye.  3. Iris : The colored part of the eye is called the iris. It is usually black, brown or blue. It helps th