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Benefits of appropriate age gap between siblings

Taking care of children demands a lot of effort. Raising two small kids simultaneously can be a difficult job, but when there is an age gap between two children the job becomes a little easier. The appropriate age gap between siblings allows you to enjoy following things. 1. It allows you to care more especially the younger one If you have a toddler, you have to run after your kid to check whether your baby is okay. If you have two kids with proper age differences at home, can take care of the two of them efficiently. 2. You can manage your finances better The age gap between your children can help you allocate your resource properly for future benefits. 3. Less sibling rivalry Your kids will enjoy a good sibling bond. You will enjoy a peaceful environment at home because they will not fight frequently. 4. The Elder child can help you in many ways The elder child can help you take care of the younger one because the younger one needs more help than the elder one. 5. Good for the mother

Ways to Improve Parent-Teacher Communication For Children

Communication between parents and teachers can deliver the best results in the growth and learning of a child. Most parent-teacher communications end within five minutes. You can adopt the following ways to establish a strong communication practice. 1. Acknowledge Involvement A teacher gets involved in various learning activities for your child. Your acknowledgment gives a teacher a sense of respect. Being a school teacher, especially a preschool teacher is not easy. 2. Don’t Make Assumptions Don’t make about the child's progress. Talk straightforwardly about what you assume and get a clear picture of where your child needs improvement. 3. Communicate Often You can contact the teacher whenever you need help. Make sure you should be non-intrusive in the teacher’s personal life. 4. Ask Questions Listen and ask questions in a state of confusion. Do not think like I am the kid’s biological parent, nobody can understand my child better than anybody. 5. Foster A Sense Of Trust Trust