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December 25 The Big Christian Festival Facts

December 25 is the date that we all eagerly wait to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Although the day is marked as the big Christian festival, the people from other religions and communities have also begun to celebrate the occasion along with Christians.  Therefore, It's a national holiday in many countries where the population of Christians people lives in minorities.  Did you ever wonder why it is a 12 days holiday? There is a legendary story about that the 3 kings took 12 days to travel to the birthplace of baby Jesus, therefore we celebrate the Christmas holidays for 12 days. Why Do We Celebrate Christmas? Jesus was born more than 2000 years ago. Christians believe He is the son of god. He is the savior of the world. He sacrificed his life for the sins we did so that we all get to go to heaven instead of hell. Jesus an innocent young man was crucified in his early 30s. Three days after being buried he was back to life and moved up into heaven.  Meaning Of The Wo

Top 10 Largest Nations In The World By Area

The Earth's surface is partitioned into numerous nations, and some of them are genuine very large in the area like Russia, Canada, USA, China, Brazil, and Australia. They possess colossal regions and stretch over the continents. Borders make countries small or large. At the point when 11.5 percent of all the land in the whole world is asserted by only one nation, it's not astonishing to discover that the tenth biggest nation could fit into the biggest multiple times over. At the point when every one of the 10 of the world's biggest nations are taken together, it is 49% of the total land of the world. The political and perhaps common breaking points of a nation decide its the physical region, therefore the world has so many nations of different sizes. Political limits are the counterfeit lines that distinguish one political entity from another in the form of one separate country. The world is also divided based on oceans, seas rivers, and mountain