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Can We Make Our Bones Strong ?

We take our bones for granted. Bones play an active role in locomotion. We realize the importance of bone when it breaks. Broken bone hurt badly. Healing takes time. The bones must become strong at a young age. If, you want to remain physically active at old age, put all your efforts to make your bones strong. Most of the bone development part takes place when a child grows. It almost finishes at the age of 19-20. Naturally, in adult old bones are replaced with the new ones. When we grow older less bone is replaced. The bones become weaker at old age. Yes, The Kids Can Make their Bones Strong provided, they follow the following instructions. 1.  Kids need to do some weight-bearing exercises like jumping, running and climbing are good for bones. 2. Calcium is the mineral that makes bones strong. Calcium is found in dairy products green leafy vegetables and cereal. 3. Kids can have vitamin D substance as per the prescription from pediatrician or dietitian. It is needed when the body

Be Safe in Sunny Hot Weather

When the days become longer temperature soars up. The sun rays may become harmful to our skin. Of-course sunshine has too many benefits for health. It provides us vitamin D. Which is needed for the strong bones. Therefore, we should not protect us from the sun all the time. You need to be protected when you go out in very hot weather. Problems in Summer Sunburn Sunburn looks bad. Light-colored people are more susceptible to sunburn because they have lesser melanin compare to those of having dark color skin. Melanin is a dark black or brown color pigment that protects our skin from the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays.  Sunstroke Sunstroke is a condition that could lead to death. Sunstroke is also known as heatstroke happens when heat-regulating systems unable to work due to excessive heat in the surroundings. Sunstroke can harm us when we take insufficient water. Eyes Irritation During summer we often swim in swimming pools due to chlorine in the water our eyes get irritated. It bec