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The Money Terms Need To Understand Monetary Language

Suppose you have money. You don't know how to invest and how to manage it. It would be very difficult to deal with in future. Someday you are going to earn money so you should understand the general terms that are widely used dealing with the money matters.   The importance of understanding the money terms can be compared with the importance of day to day words that are used while speaking any language. There are the following terms that you would be using while dealing with the money matters. Asset and Liability:  An asset can be a car, cash land, bank balance, etc. These things have some value. How to determine the value of the asset? Well, the answer is very simple, the value can be measured in terms of money.  The liability is also valued in terms of money. It is with us in the form of debt. Liability is just opposite to what we have learnt in the asset. Bonds: Bond is the money that you grant in most of the cases to the government because the government need