Tips For Effective Parenting

Kids are innocent. Instead of conferencing their problems. They display some unusual behavior. In many cases, kids do not know if, they need help. 

Every kid is different 
At times, comparison generates inferiority complex in kids. Comparision is good as long as we as a parent keep it to ourselves. It is difficult to analyze things without comparison. If your kid is not taking interest in studies or sports. We need to find out the ways on how to develop an interest.

Help Them To Take Right Decision
Research-based study says there are very few lucky parents whose children know what they want to achieve in the future. They are instinctive and take the right decision. Instinct can never be wrong. 

It is the parents' duty that the children should not change their minds. As it is found that after taking the right decision they do not continue to take interest under the influence of others. Our children should never compromise their core values.

Never Underestimate the kids' Abilities

The Endocrine System In Our Body

The endocrine system is made by so many glands in the body. All the endocrine glands secrete hormones. Hormones are the chemicals that gland cells produce. The hormones travel through blood into the different parts of the body. These hormones are responsible for the growth and regulation of our body. 

There are different types of glands in the human body. Some glands are found only in men while some glands are found only in the female. Here is the list of glands and their brief introduction. 

Pineal Gland
The pineal gland is a small size, endocrine gland present in the cerebrum. It delivers and secretes the hormone melatonin, which is a hormone that controls natural regular repeated patterns of the body, for example, sleeping and waking up.

Pituitary gland
The pituitary gland is the master gland of all the endocrine glands found in the brain of the human body. Although it is a small pea-shaped in size it gives instructions all the glands when and how much secretion of hormones is required …

How To Deal With Your Teen Aged children?

Dealing with your teenage child can be an uphill task for all especially if you are a single parent. Due to your busy schedule, you are unable to give much time. Children often think that their parents cannot understand them completely. At this point, teenagers are prone to be impulsive.
Precautionary Advice
Always remember children are impressionable. They follow or listen to who they get influenced or love the most. You just need to drill it well into their mind that you are the one who loves them the most. Irrespective of how stubborn your child is Ultimately they will listen to you because you are the one whom they could rely on the most. You can save your child from taking a wrong impulsive decision.
Difficulties In Raising Your Teen
In spite of giving utmost care, it's never easy to convince your child to do what you want. They are accompanied by so many distractions or perhaps addictions. That weakens all our efforts. In addition to that sometimes we become the victim of our…

How to Respond Child’s Curiosity

It is very normal if, your child is getting curious about things that are happening around him. It is a part of growing. Having an inquisitive child sometimes test your patience. A child deserves the answers with correct logic and reasoning especially from elder people like parents, grandparents, and teachers.
Children must be curious it's good for their intellectual development. You will find most of the child curious. While others who are not, it's our responsibility to stimulate curiosity in them.

Let us understand the following points on how to respond well.      
1. Answer Their Questions With Additional Information Children ask so many questions. It's better to feed them with some additional information, otherwise, they will switch to another irrelevant topic. If you give them a short answer they try o mug up things.
2. Be Equally Enthusiastic While Responding Show the energy and interest this is the most effective way to empower your child with knowledge.
3. Let them …

December 25 The Big Christian Festival Facts

December 25 is the date that we all eagerly wait to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Although the day is marked as the big Christian festival, the people from other religions and communities have also begun to celebrate the occasion along with Christians. 
Therefore, It's a national holiday in many countries where the population of Christians people lives in minorities. 
Did you ever wonder why it is a 12 days holiday? There is a legendary story about that the 3 kings took 12 days to travel to the birthplace of baby Jesus, therefore we celebrate the Christmas holidays for 12 days.

Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?
Jesus was born more than 2000 years ago. Christians believe He is the son of god. He is the savior of the world. He sacrificed his life for the sins we did so that we all get to go to heaven instead of hell. Jesus an innocent young man was crucified in his early 30s. Three days after being buried he was back to life and moved up into heaven. 

Meaning Of The Word "Christ…

Top 10 Largest Nations In The World By Area

The Earth's surface is partitioned into numerous nations, and some of them are genuine very large in the area like Russia, Canada, USA, China, Brazil, and Australia. They possess colossal regions and stretch over the continents. Borders make countries small or large.
At the point when 11.5 percent of all the land in the whole world is asserted by only one nation, it's not astonishing to discover that the tenth biggest nation could fit into the biggest multiple times over. At the point when every one of the 10 of the world's biggest nations are taken together, it is 49% of the total land of the world.
The political and perhaps common breaking points of a nation decide its the physical region, therefore the world has so many nations of different sizes.
Political limits are the counterfeit lines that distinguish one political entity from another in the form of one separate country. The world is also divided based on oceans, seas rivers, and mountain ranges. 
10. Algeria  The count…

Learn All About Dolphins

Dolphin is an aquatic animal. You would be surprised to know how intelligence a dolphin can be, which we will discuss later. People are very fond of them and remain inquisitive as they have some special characteristics. In general, people think that it is a fish because apparently, it looks like a fish. On the contrary, they are mammals. 
What Makes Dolphins Special 
Dolphins can save swimmers from sharks by forming circles to alert swimmers. 
The pregnant female dolphins get protected from the external body at the time of delivery. The group members help the female.
The communicationamong the dolphins is very strong. They can make a variety of sounds and nonverbal communicating gestures. It has observed they can be engaged in a fight. 
Echolocation Echolocation is one of the most fascinating features of dolphins. Echolocation is a process that helps dolphins in finding their way out in the night. In the process, the sound waves are produced. If the sound waves are reflected by an object. I…