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10 Grasshoppers Facts for kids

1. Grasshoppers are insects. Like any other insects, they have six legs, a head, thorax, and abdomen. Grasshoppers also have two antennae, two pairs of wings. 2. Their colors vary from one place to another place. They can be light green reddish or yellowish-brown. 3. Grasshoppers are protein-rich diet. It is eaten by a lot of people in Africa and South America. 4. Grasshoppers are threats to formers because they destroy the entire field. They come together in large swarms and eat leaves grasses and crops. 5. Grasshoppers and Crickets have similar body structures except Grasshoppers have smaller antennae. 6. Birds, frogs, spiders, lizards, etc. are predators of grasshoppers. 7. Grasshoppers get active during the day time. They are diurnal just opposite of nocturnal creatures. 8. Grasshoppers' average length is about 5 centimeters. While a few can grow up to 12 centimeters. 9. They can jump incredibly 20 times to their body length. Grasshoppers can bounce approxim

Lion The King Of Jungle

Lions are considered to be the most ferocious animals in the forest. Lions are powerful hunters. Therefore a lion is called the king of the forest.  Here you are going to find a few interesting things about the lion. 1. There was a time when the lions are on the verge of extinction. They are still kept under endangered species. Their hunting is a punishable offense. 2. They are protected in zoos. They are found naturally in the wildlife sanctuary in Gujarat, India, and reserve forests in Africa.   3. Lions are recognized by their Manes. The mane starts growing when a lion ages around one year.   4. Lions are essentially carnivorous. An adult lion needs to have 7 to 8 kg of meat every day. Therefore, they hunt big animals zebras, deers,  buffaloes, etc. 5. Lions are social animals. They live in groups called "pride".  In a Pride, there can be 10 to 30 members. A pride can accommodate 3 to 4 lions, several lionesses, and cubs.  6. Each pride has its own territor