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Role Of Grandparents In Children's Upbringing

Kids advantage when grandparents are engaged with their grandchildren chores. In any case, grandparents enjoy their involvement as it makes the relationship with their grandkids strong. The role of grandparents in the family, especially for children is huge. Children get attached more grandparents than their parents. Role Of Grandparents In Children's Life 1. The grandparents are the storyteller for children. Children love to hear the stories because they found them interesting and engaging. 2. Grandparents try to fulfill every child's wish because they love them more than anything else. In the process somewhere they spoiled the children. 3. Grandparents act as a mentor or role model for children. They often encourage them to participate and do their best. 4. At times, it is grandparents' efforts that help them in believing themselves and nurture their strengths. 5. Children find great friends in grandparents. They play with them at home. They go together garden to play and

What Makes a Happy Parent?

Being a parent is a blessing. Parents love their children and, enjoy parenthood, but to be honest, parenting is an uphill task. As a parent, you go through a lot of emotions. When your children do well in the study you feel proud of them. You feel happy when your children achieve success. Sometimes, you feel disappointed when you find your child is not behaving the way you want. On the whole, parenting gives you unmatchable happiness. Here you would get to know what all makes a parent happy. 1. Emotional Bonds Emotional bonding with your spouse link with parenthood. If you are emotionally attached to your partner, it will reflect happiness all around you. 2. Don't Hold Grudges Forgive your children, and let go of any grudges. It is observed that forgiving parents are happier than those who hold grudges. 3. Spare Time For Leisure Activities Devote some time to your hobbies. Doing what you love will reflect happiness when you are with your kids. 4. Consider Yourself The Best Parent N