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Europe Facts for Kids

Europe is a small continent in the area but it is counted among the top three most populated continents of the world. There are nearly fifty countries on the continent. Here are a few interesting facts about Europe. 1. Twenty-seven countries of Europe joined together to form the European Union (EU).  2. The EU was created for political and economic cooperation among those Europian nations.  3. All Europian countries are found in the northern hemisphere. 4. Europe is separated from North America by the Arctic Ocean. The Atlantic Ocean separates it from the western continent. The Mediterranean Sea mainly separates it from Africa.   5. Russia, Ukraine, and France are the three big countries in Europe. Russia is so large that it has its presence in Asia as well. 6. Vatican City is the smallest nation in Europe as well as on the planet. 7. Moscow the capital of Russia is the most populous city in Europe.  8. Istanbul is a transcontinental city. The city's west region

Owl Facts for Kids

Did you ever see a real owl? Well if not you might have seen owls in chart or books. The image of an owl is used for learning. The owls get active during nights, therefore we could not get to see them as frequently as other animals. You might be taken aback to discover that owls are intriguing animals, and there is a long way to go about their secretive ways to do things. 1. They are found in most of the continents on the earth.  2. Owls can be seen in numerous spots, from woods and deserts to mountains and grasslands. 3. Owls stay active during the night on the contrary to human beings who prefer to stay up in the day time for doing most of the activities. 4. Many people tease a person who keeps on staying wake up till late in the night as an Owl.  5. Owls hunt for food at night owls like to eat insects, small warm-blooded animals, and other smaller birds. 6. Owl's eyes are scary because it glows. The eyes are immovable that look like they are staring at you inte