Effects Of Gadgets On Children

The earlier children watching television for fun seemed to be unconvincing for parents. Later parents realize that many television programs designed for kids are educative and good for overall children’s development. Allowing children to watch TV for 1 or 2 hours is good to make children happy.

The problem arrived when the smartphone, laptops came into usage. Let’s find out some key points that can help children for progressive development using the internet, technology, and gadgets.

1. Expand Their Interests

Children should be allowed to use gadgets as long as they use them for knowledge and learning. Beyond that, the parents have to develop children’s interest in real games, sports, and competition.

2. Children Share Personal Information Online

Children are not mature enough to handle social media. They can share their personal information with strangers. They can get connected with the wrong people because of innocence. Do not allow your children to use social media at any cost.

3. Childhood Obesity

Due to addiction to virtual games and social media children do not show any interest in physical exercise and sports. Using a lot of time on gadgets can accumulate fat around their belly and cause obesity and other health-related problems.

4. Exposure To Harmful Radiation

Children at growing stages are at the receiving end of harmful radiation. Cell phones and computers emit blue light that can cause physical and mental damage to children.

5. Sleep Deprivation

When kids use gadgets excessively at night, it hampers their sleep. Being sleep-deprived for a long can bring bad changes in behavior. They are more likely to get irritated and perform poorly in exams.

6. No Exposure To Real World

Children need to get introduced to the real world. The sooner they get introduced to it, the better they can understand things. Interacting with real humans is important than wasting time on virtual games.

7. Eyesight Weakness

Continuous exposure to blue light radiation can make your child's vision blur. Using heavy contact lenses at a young age will further increase their lens number so they shouldn't use gadgets frequently the entire day.

The gadgets are everyday used devices due to these children are quite familiar with its’ uses. They see gadgets beyond their uses and used them as a source of entertainment. Gadgets have many advantages and disadvantages for children. Awareness of the pros and cons of technology can help you to figure out how children can use gadgets wisely.

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