Sleep Tips For Kids

Early to bed and early to rise, the poem conveys a good thought for kids. Children must get a sound sleep in the night so that children get up early in the morning. Kids can have enough time for breakfast. The practice helps to get ready on time for school, and they need not rush to prayers. We are providing you some tips for children on how to sleep better. 

1. Set up a sleep schedule 

Allotting a fixed time slot in daily routine helps children in maintaining a good sleep pattern. A fixed schedule is needed to coordinate the body with the mind that makes children sleep accordingly. 

2. Get Calmed and Relaxed Before Sleep Time 

Urge your youngster to unwind before sleep time. Probably your kids need a book to doz off. Reading a book can help your child to relax and prepare to get down to sleep. 

3. Don't Allow Nap During Day Time 

Children shouldn't be allowed to sleep during day time. If you think your child is too tired, allow them a short nap with not more than 20 minutes. The child will be refreshed and perform efficiently. 

4. Make Sure your Child Do Not Get Scared At Night 

Your children might get scared due to darkness in the night. It can hamper child's sleep. Make sure your children don't get lonely at night. Do not allow your child to watch scary movies or television shows. 

5. Make Sure Your Child Sleep In Noise- Free Bedroom 

Your child may not sleep properly at night because there can be a lot of disturbance due to notice. Find out what is creating noise and what could be the solution. 

 6. Assure That Your Kid Sleep In Dim Light 

 Check whether kid's room is excessively bright for rest. Turn off gadgets and high voltage lights one hour before falling into sleep. 

7. Children Should Get Sufficient Food At Dinner 

Craving for food or eating too much at night can prevent your children to sleep well at night. Make sure your kids do not skip breakfast because it maintains the child’s body clock. 

8. Don't Allow Children To Spend Time On Gadgets and Television 

 Light from televisions, computer screens, phones, and tablets suppresses melatonin hormone levels and delays sleep. You should not allow your children to watch TV and playing video games especially late in the evening. 

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