Helping Your Little Ones Understand Masks

The coronavirus pandemic has not yet stopped. People have faced lockdown in many countries. Now things are opening up amid corona spread. Summer season is all set for the arrival. You would see many people basking in the sunshine. They will come out to enjoy the weather. When you step out of the home, you will find people wearing masks. Mask makes you 90% safe from the corona. You better understand its effectiveness. But children aged above two years may find it difficult to wear.

Here, we are giving you some ideas on how to help your little ones understand masks.

1. Your kid may ask several questions such as -For what reason does everybody put on masks? Will I be protected from the disease? What does the covering of the face do? Etc. You have to answer all your child's queries patiently.

2. Be straightforward and clarify that individuals now need to cover the face to save themselves from getting sick.

3.Your children may start throwing tantrums that they don't want to wear. You can manipulate a story that encourages them to put on the face cover.

4. You can discover something funny about the mask. Buy a colorful that your child loves to wear for fun as well.

5. Guardians can rehearse a face-mask at home to standardize the look whereby it doesn't look weird.

6. You can offer a little surprise for wearing the face cover if it seems to work well with the kid, for example, a treat, toy, or extra time to play.

7. Prefer video calling to normal voice calling with loved ones while wearing the cover so others can give them appreciation such as - "Good thing you started wearing a mask." "It suits you look like a superhero.", etc.

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