Pros And Cons Of Sports For Children


No doubts, sports, and physical exercise are good for all kids. Sports reduces the risk of being obese. Lack of sports and physical activity, children tends to get put on extra weight. Sports explicitly good for health, but we should not overlook the risk involved and injuries related to sports.

Here are some dangers and advantages that parents or guardians ought to consider as they assist them to explore the different types of games.

Advantages of Youth Sports

1. Sports activities keep your child's self-regulated. It reduces the chances of getting addicted to social media and video games.  

2. Sports teaches time management and teamwork. Sports is the first step in organizational learning.

3. Sports help them to understand criticism is not always bad for them. The coach criticizes them to do well. Criticism is a fine tool to sharpen life learning skills. 

4. The sports make sports people self-disciplined and enhances self-esteem, which later helps to develop a positive and constructive mind.

Cons of Sports for Children

1. Confidence is attached to sports execution. Somewhere child's self-esteem gets associated with the game. If children perform well it boosts their confidence. On the contrary, if they don't it upset them badly.

2. In sports, someone wins and someone loses. That should be the spirit of the game. Coaches try to pressurize that you have to win, there is no way out. Sometimes they bully and question the children's abilities.

3. Sports are not the solitary way to progress. Your child can do very well in the artistic or creative field. That too required teamwork, discipline, and dedication.

4. Sports persons get special privileges such as scholarships, travel allowance, reservations, and so on. The privileges are the root cause of the feeling of superiority complex over others.

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