Listening and Responding to Children

Listening and responding to your children. It tells your kid you are keen on what he/she needs to start. Listening and responding to your children is necessary because they would not shy away from telling you their inspirations. They will not conceal anything from you if they get trapped in a problem.

Ways To Give Attention 

1. Show interest while listening to them.

2. Make eye contact to give them full attention.

3. We can not understand children until and unless we step into their shoes.
Therefore, you need to get to children's level of understanding.

4. Have a proper conversation with them, no matter how busy you are.  You may misinterpret children's things if you do not have a conservation with them.

Significance of Listening and Responding
1. Listening and understanding helps you to make the right decision for your children.

2. The child would feel free to reveal and share any problem and incident with you.

3. By doing so, you leave the impression that they are deserving of your unconditional love and support.

4. By hearing their concern and discussing, you demonstrate they can perceive things correctly and can take a step towards solving the problem.

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