10 Facts About Earthquake

1. Earthquake tremors happen when two large pieces of the Earth's surface suddenly slip. This generates waves to shake the surface of the earth or crust in the form of an earthquake.

2. The place where the earthquake starts, below the surface of the earth, is called the hypocenter.

3. The place above Hypocenters is called the epicenter. The earthquake will be the strongest at this point on the surface.

4. A device called seismograph is used to measure the size of the waves. The size of the waves is called the magnitude.

5. The powerful earthquakes in the ocean called Tsunami. A tsunami causes a chain of fast-moving waves. The waves can destroy houses and even inundate whole towns.

6.  The most massive quake at any point recorded on Earth was in Valdivia, Chile. It occurred in 1960. Its magnitude was 9.5 on the Richter scale. That is one amazingly enormous quake on the earth!

7. Most of the world's quakes occur in the Pacific Ocean close to Japan in a spot called the 'Ring of Fire'.

8. Earthquakes are devastating. Unfortunately, around 10,000 individuals pass away in quakes every year, while thousands of people become homeless.

9. Japanese and Californian people construct earthquake-proofing houses and buildings which resist collapse in an earthquake. 

10. Scientists can not predict earthquakes. Therefore, you should learn about the earthquake precautions plan at your school.

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